latest message - holy thursday worship, april 9

We gather to remember the love of Christ and to hear a "mandate," i.e., our Lord's command to "love one another."


We will pray together, read Scripture, and share in a time of Communion as we celebrate the story of our faith. It’s called the “Triumphal Entry.” And, it remains “triumphal” today because it was one parade that couldn’t be cancelled! 

message - APRIL 3

Choosing To Be The Light Of Christ By Offering Up Prayers Of Intercession To God 


Comforting and Encouraging Words from Psalm 23

Worship Message - Sunday, March 29

 "A NEW NORMAL" -- Jesus says, "Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."  The Lord is with us and for us as we walk into a new "normal" together... 

Worship Message - Sunday, March 22

Let us pray...

Worship Message - Sunday, March 8

CLOSE ENCOUNTERS OF THE DIVINE KIND "TEACHER" (John 3:1-21)  Seeker for truth, Nicodemus wanted answers to his questions about Jesus. He made a plan to meet with Jesus. For Nicodemus, this was a close encounter of the divine kind as this teacher of the law met the teacher who had come from God. 

Worship Message - Sunday, March 1

Sunday Message: "This is a Test" (Matthew 4:1-11) --The central issue in the temptation story of Jesus is what or, better yet, who will guide and determine the actions of Jesus: Will it be God or will it be Satan? This is the central issue for us as well. 


A Broken and Contrite Heart (Psalm 51:1-17) When dealing with sin, we are our own worst enemy. The acknowledgment of sin in our lives can be an awkward & embarrassing experience. This sinner's prayer breathes hope &reminds us that God's mercy, forgiveness,  & restoration are available to anyone.

Worship Message - Sunday, February 23

Message: Values– “A.C.T.S. of Faith” (Romans 12:3-13)-- We will explore some key behavioral actions and understood responsibilities related to embodying God’s vision and for carrying out God’s mission.

Worship Message - Sunday, February 16

Message: “Mission: Coming & Going” ( Matthew 11:28-30; 28:18-20 ) –  The prayer of mission we pray together is both an invitation as well as a commission. The life we possess together in Christ is the life as a new creation that we can now share with others.

Worship Message - Sunday, February 9

Blessed to Be a Blessing( Ephesians 1:3; 3:16-19 ) God has created us to be an expression of his amazing grace and unconditional grace. Because of all God's doing, you and I have every reason to “praise” God and to thank God for the dreams we share and experience together as a church family.  

Worship Message - Sunday, February 2

Message: “The Crux of the Matter” (John 3:16-17; 1 Corinthians 1:18; 15:3-5; 1 John 4:9-10) –  There are some things more important than other things. And so, according to the story of Holy Scripture, what is the crux of the matter when it comes to our life and faith?