LATEST message - Sunday, may 24

Worship liturgy for the 7th Sunday of Easter

"This Is Eternal Life"

Let us live by faith in the Son of God who loved us and gave himself for us. 

message - WEDNESday, may 20

We Have Lift-Off!

We have many reasons to be full of hope and optimism today! 

message - SUNday, may 17

Jesus Promises The Holy Spirit 

The promise of the Holy Spirit is an emphatic declaration made by Jesus assuring his disciples that they will not--and never--be left alone.  

message - WEDNESday, may 13

Mid-week words of encouragement

"My Favorite Song and Why" 

message - sunday, may 10

Jesus The Way Truth Life
Worship Liturgy for the 5th Sunday of Easter -- Jesus is the Way and the Truth and the Life! 

message - wednesday, may 6

Mid-week Words of Encouragement – “The CHURCH: God’s Living Proof” (Acts 2:42-47)  What we share together is special because the “life” we have together is the “living proof” of God’s design for his church.  

message - sunday, may 3

"Jesus, the Good Shepherd" -- Worship Liturgy for the 4th Sunday of Easter. Since Jesus is the “Way,” he not only knows the way, but goes the way and shows the way for us. 

message - WEDNESday, april 29

Mid-Week Words of Encouragement!
Lessons Learned from a Pandemic

The "lessons" we are learning during this time of trouble are not only rearranging our daily routines but also inviting us to reexamine our priorities. 

message - Sunday, april 26

On the Road to Somewhere 

It’s the 3rd Sunday of Easter! And we’ll all on the road to somewhere—just like some early disciples were (Luke 24:13-35). The road we are traveling on today is certainly different but, thankfully, we can always recognize Jesus at his Table. 

message - wednesday, april 22

Songs We Pray and Prayers We Sing 

The songs we pray and the prayers we sing function as a remarkable means of grace for us–providing ways not just to worship God but to commune with God.