Dr. W's Reflections...


          Wow! Another wonderful Sunday morning! Thank you for all the ways you are responding to God’s invitation! We had 23 in attendance for week two of our futureFIRST conversations as we began reviewing our Church “Constitution.” This past Sunday, we reviewed Articles I and II and highlighted matters related to our Name, Mission, and Membership. This next Sunday, we will review Articles III and IV as we consider the role and responsibility of our Church Board. We will also continue to address matters related to the blessings and opportunities of Church Membership. 

          We are still looking for VOLUNTEERS to participate in our Children’s Ministry initiatives beginning in October. If you would like to be involved, then contact me and I can go over the policies / guidelines with you and give you a volunteer sign-up sheet to get you connected.

          Because of the Lord’s faithful and forever love, you and I have been “blessed to be a blessing.” And so, let’s embrace our mission by praying, “Lord send people to us and send us to people.” 

The Lord be with you,





          “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted” (Matthew 5:4).

          There are plenty of things to “mourn” about in our world. And most of us know by now that life can get messy at times with its unwanted surprises and unexpected soliloquies. One thing for sure: Grief is messy and grief can make a mess of us. But thankfully, when we meet grief, we don’t have to wallow in our grief–at least we don’t have to wallow in it all by ourselves. The Lord promises to meet us in our grief by comforting us with his abiding presence and forever love.

          As noted, there are plenty of things to “mourn” about in the world of our personal experience. From broken bones to broken hearts, we suffer from all the brokenness created by sin. And yet, no matter how chaotic or uncertain things may ever be for us, you and I can find “comfort” again today (i.e., assurance, encouragement, security, confidence, and hope) as we stake our claim on the words of this divine promise: “Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.”